Sound Bridges


Percussive Dance

A collaboration between 
Irene Koloseus and Feraba-African Rhythm Tap Company & Glenda Sol Koeraus and Flamenco y Sol Dance Company

Sol Glenda Flamenco


Members of both groups come together to explore world music and dance in order to create new works fusing these genres: West African, flamenco, tap and jazz.

While staying true to their roots, the collective is interested in constructing new rhythmic conversations.

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We are dedicated to the appreciation and preservation of percussive dance forms: American tap dance, Spanish flamenco, and West African dance and music. Our mission is to inform, educate and entertain through the universal language of rhythm, promoting the ideal of friendship, tolerance and cultural understanding among people of all nations.

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Flamenco y Sol Dance Company features a diverse repertoire including traditional flamenco, contemporary flamenco, flamenco jazz fusion, classical Spanish dance and the more modern Gypsy Kings-style of flamenco rumba.

Flamenco y Sol

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Feraba-African Rhythm Tap, established in 1996, is a multicultural and multiethnic performance group, which combines the traditional sounds and movements of West Africa with the only true American dance form of Tap. The core musical repertoire of Feraba involves the use of the balafon, a traditional wooden xylophone from West Africa.

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Sound Bridges and Percussive Dance

December 13   2019,  at 7 pm


Anna-Maria Kellen Concert Hall

at Third Street Music School

235 East 11th Street, New York, NY 10003




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